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            Hubei Sanfeng Turbine Equipment Co., Ltd.
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            Paper & Pulp
            In paper industry, the drying process to dry the paper sheet need take out air to maintain a specific vacuum level for dewatering the paper sheet, we have delivered both single and multi-stage vacuum blower (turbine) for the  establishment of new build paper plant or upgrading the water ring pump of existing paper mill to acquire the economical benefit through high efficiency and low maintenance. The benefits of replacement the water ring pump by vacuum blower (turbine) are as follows:
                - energy saving, depends on the system this can be ranged from 20 -30%;
                - recyclable of discharged hot air, gives another maximum 20% energy saving;
                - water saving for vacuum blower no need water recycle internally;
                - maintenance and space saving, features of multiple stage vacuum blower can provide different level of vacuum for the system by a single set;
            Up to now, our vacuum turbine have applied around hundreds of paper production lines within China
            For a fast reference, in case the paper production line with the machine,
                 - Width within 6.6m;
                 - Paper weight range from 4 – 300 gsm
                 - Machine speed within 1000m/min;
            The single stage vacuum turbine can realize vacuum level 68kPa, flow rate 1200m3/min with installed power 1250kW; The multiple stage vacuum turbine can realize maximum 4 vacuum level by a single set, with vacuum range from 25 – 75kPa, maximum installed power is 2000kW
            Multiple stages under test                                          
            Paper & Pulp
            Single Stage in Service                                       Multiple/Single stage in Service as Group
            Paper & Pulp                 Paper & Pulp

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